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Ten Years Experiences On Resin Cutting Wheel

Ten Years Experiences On Resin Cutting W

Guizhou First Abrasives Co., Ltd is established in 2009, which is beginning for top-of-the
master the core technology

master the core technology

We have focused on resin cutting wheels more than ten years experience. Also have own R&D
Highly Competive Products

Highly Competive Products

Our parent company produces grade A brown corundum with the best quality in China, so we c
Excellent after-sales service

Excellent after-sales service

We have special after-sales management system, each customer has a special person to track



about us

Guizhou Three mountains abrasives Co, Ltd. is located in Shuichang Industry Park,Longli County,Guizhou Province,China. Which is state medium-level enterprise founded in 1984. It own 80 millions RMB capital asserts and 800,000 square meters. The company has four 5000KVA tripping smelting furnaces and 400,000 tones brown fused alumina per year. The company has advanced techniques and equipment, excellent technology, rich manufacturing  experience and testing completed. ISO9001-2008 the quality standard and certification system,“Three mountains” brand abrasive material is well-known around domestic and world’s market. Guizhou First Abrasives Co., Ltd. is subsidiary...

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